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Friday being Friday, I always like to allow myself something a little bit meatier and a little bit, what I like to call, ‘dirtier’ than what I would normally eat during the week. So when I was invited to lunch at Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hyde Park, well, I couldn’t resist.

Bar Boulud in London is the sister restaurant to the ever-popular place of the same name in New York. Typically a more French-looking menu, they’ve added an American touch in the form of my favourite thing – burgers.

bar boulud menu

Given that there was only a choice of four burgers, I found it tough to choose from. Confit pork belly, BBQ pulled pork or the ultimate ‘BB’ – foie gras, red wine braised short ribs and truffle. Come to think of it, it was easy. BB it had to be!

bar boulud BB burger

It was incredible. So incredible in fact that I concentrated on the eating and the excellent company I was with, rather than on taking many pictures. So I guess you’ll need to rely on my adjectives for this one.

The burger was the perfect size – a thick slab of beef patty piled high with all the trimmings, particularly the fois gras. I like burgers that arrive on your plate and you think to yourself ‘how on earth am I going to eat this?’

I had to smash it down and cut it in half (Bar Boulud is a fancy place you know!) and when I did, all the juicy, gooey goodness of the meat seeped through onto the plate and soaked into the bottom bun.

bar boulud burger

From the first bite I could tell it was a winner. The fois gras melted into the meat and the ribs gave it rich, intense flavour. The horseradish mayonnaise gave the beef an awesome kick, and the truffle was a delightful light touch that lingered in your mouth after every bite.

It was just awesome.

bar boulud chips

I didn’t even focus on the fries much – and you all know how much I love my chips! Of course they were tasty – they even came in a cute pot with heart-shaped handles – but really they didn’t even enter the equation this time. This one was all about the burger.

Lastly, I’m sure you saw the price of the ‘BB’ on the menu above. And yes, I would agree that £20 for a burger is a lot. But trust me, you won’t be crying bou-hoo after you’ve burgered at Bar Boulud.

Burger Rating: 5/5

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
66 Knightsbridge
London SW1X 7LA

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