Bleeker St. Burger

Bleeker St. Burger is the brain child of a corporate lawyer from New York, who quit his high powered job to follow his dream and grease his elbows flipping burgers. After a year of working shifts at burger joints across Manhattan, he moved to London (for a girl, of course) and set up Bleeker St. Burger.

And aren’t we lucky he did!

Named after the street that connects the East and West Villages in downtown Manhattan, Bleecker St. Burger is essentially a kitchen in a truck.

Bleeker St Burger van

Whilst its concept is to bring American-style burgers to London, the view of the Thames on one side and Southbank’s skatepark on the other, will definitely remind you that you’re in London.

Bleeker St Burger southbank

Their menu is simple (I mean, how complicated could it get with a van for a kitchen?!) Double cheeseburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, blue burger or veggie burger. Whaddayaknow, they like cheese.

They also offer a mixture of fries (not chips – they are very specific on that point!) Plain fries, angry fries (hot buffalo sauce), sweet potato fries and mixed fries.

Bleeker St Burger menu

So what did we go for? We ordered the bacon cheeseburger and the blue burger with a side of fries and angry fries. Once they took our order, we got a ticket and grabbed a picnic table next to the van.

Bleeker St Burger burger and fries

Let’s start with the bacon cheeseburger. Just look at this beauty.

Bleeker St Burger bacon cheese burger

The patty, although small, was incredibly succulent and tender. Bleeker St. Burger gets all its beef from small farms across England. As they say on their website, American beef ain’t got nothin’ on our meat!

And although the cheese was the plastic American cheese I normally can’t stand, I let it go, because it worked incredibly well with everything else. The bun was light, a little on the sweet side, and didn’t crumble under all the moisture from the meat.

Bleeker St Burger inside bacon cheese

My only criticism about this burger was that the bacon was more fatty than meaty, so I felt quite dirty and guilty whilst eating it.

Bleeker St Burger blue cheese inside

The blue cheese burger was absolutely delightful. Perhaps a little heavy on the blue cheese itself, but it had the freshness of the lettuce to balance it out. The meat was so luscious and rich, the blue cheese blended into it perfectly.

Bleeker St Burger fries

The fries were delicious too! Medium cut with the skin on, served in plastic cups. But the real killers were the Angry Fries.

Bleeker St Burger angry fries

If you like buffalo sauce, you will love these. They are so tangy, full of punch and a bit of a kick. Just really, really angry! Great name. Great idea. Great fries.

I am not ashamed to tell you that I didn’t stop there. I got another burger. This time, it was the double cheeseburger.

Bleeker St Burger double cheese

And I’m glad I did. This was the winner. Two patties, two slices of cheese. Double the mouthwatering taste of the meat. Double the saltiness from the cheese. All wrapped in that sweet, airy bun.

Bleeker St Burger inside

If you go to Bleeker St. Burger (and I would insist that you do) this is the one to order.

It’s the perfect combination of what this style of burger ought to be – small, juicy and punched full of flavour. And because it doesn’t have that added fattiness from the bacon, it has all the flavours of a dirty burger, without actually being dirty. Well, maybe a little 😉

Bleeker St Burger double cheese inside

The concept of Bleeker St. Burger reminds me of Tommi’s Burger Joint (read my review here). All-American style burgers: small but strong. But I gota say, Tommi’s ain’t got nothin’ on Bleeker St.

This one really takes the biscuit…I mean, burger.

Burger rating: 5/5

Southbank Skatepark

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