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I came across Bumpkin in Chelsea only recently. It was during a Sunday afternoon that my boyfriend and I were killing time at the Chlesea Gardener that we saw people dining in what looked like a secret garden through the trees. It turned out that it was Bumpkin’s outside seating area, equipped with fairly lights and outdoor heaters.

bumpkin bloody mary

I started with a Virgin Mary. It arrived looking delicious but was far too lemon-y for my buds. The initial few sips were so intensely spicy I almost choked. But who knows, perhaps it was just because I wasn’t used to it without vodka! ­čśë

The burger arrived and it was a thing of beauty.

bumpkin burger and chips

Delivered on a wooden chopping board, the 8 oz Aberdeen Angus beef patty had been cooked on Bertha.┬áBertha is Bumpkin’s indoor charcoal BBQ oven.

bumpkin burger plate

Cooking on Bertha gives the meat an intense smoky flavour, so they say. And it did. The bacon was also smoked, delightfully salty and stuck to the molten-like cheese that dribbled over the patty.

bumpkin burger

Whilst it looked and smelled insane, there were a few of problems:

1) The vegetable component of the burger comprised of a leaf of iceberg lettuce and a slice of tomato. It would be have been even the slightest bit more interesting had they chosen a different type of lettuce.

2) There was not a dollop of relish. Having tasted so many burgers now, I’m starting to think that relish might be the key to a better burger. Something that acts as a sauce to keep the burger drippy and oozing right till the vey end. And because this burger didn’t have any, I had to dip my knife into the mustard and ketchup and smear it onto the meat before each bite just to keep it moist.

bumpkin burger centre

3) It was over cooked, despite me asking it for medium. Not cool. Over cooking meat is not an acceptable excuse these days. It’s easily avoidable by restaurants and annoys me no end. It draws all the juice out of the patty which results in a dry, crumbly burger. If only they had some relish to keep the moisture in….

bumpkin burger side

Really for this one, the patty let it down: over-cooked and dry. Oh and boring veg and lack of relish. But the combination of bread, melted cheese and bacon pulled it through.

bumpkin chips

Also the skin-on chips were super tasty – crispy on the outside, squishy on the inside.

bumpkin stacy

And hey, the view wasn’t bad either!

Burger rating: 3.5/5

119 Sydney Street
London, SW3 6NR

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