Burger & Shake

Mmm, burgers and milkshakes. Possibly two of the best ingestible things in the world. But first, let’s start with beer.

Burger & Shake beer

I’d not heard of Huber beer before, but its label claims that it’s from the second oldest brewery in the United States. I don’t claim to be an expert beer-drinker, far from it. But I’m pretty sure I can tell a good beer when I taste one. This was fresh, thirst-quenching and didn’t leave a bitter aftertaste that I sometimes find beer leaves behind.

It’s not like me to order a starter before I eat a burger, but seeing as there was a group of us and we were waiting for latecomers, we thought we’d get a snack. So we ordered some jalapeño poppers: deep fried and breaded bundles of jalapeño, dill cream cheese and cheddar. They were tasty. But cold.

Burger & Shake jalapeno poppers

So onto our second starter: buffalo wings, drenched in hot buffalo sauce with a blue cheese dip and celery on the side.

Burger & Shake wings

They were sublime. Spicy and tangy. The pinch of the vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper was like a smack on my tastebuds. It left me wanting more. But since this is about burgers I’ll move on (and wipe the dribble from my chin as I do so.)

Burger & Shake empty wings

Prior to going to Burger & Shake it was recommended that I order the Pulled Pork Burger. So I did.

Burger & Shake pulled pork burger

It arrived looking awesome. My friend sitting opposite me looked enviously at it and said, ‘damn, looks like you got the best one.’ And it did look like it. Unfortunately though, it didn’t taste like it.

The beef patty was topped with pulled pork and their Kansas city-style BBQ sauce, and whist the sauce was nice and the beef was good quality, the whole thing was incredibly dry. It was as if the pork had been baked, rather than barbecued.

Burger & Shake inside burger

Next up was the House Burger: beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle, American cheese, sweet cured bacon and Burger & Shake’s own mustard and horseradish ketchup sauce.

Burger & Shake house burger

It also looked good. And certainly tasted better. The meat was juicier, but the bread was too thick. Just look at the size of that bottom bun! Too chunky and too hard.

Burger & Shake burger side

And to my dismay, after a few bites, all the lovely flowing juices from the patty vanished, and instead what we were left with yet another dehydrated burger.

After that, I gave up on tasting the burgers, even though they had an interesting sounding one on their specials board. The Beetroot Burger: beef patty, beetroot and rocket. It looked very exotic, but alas, I didn’t try it.

Burger & Shake beetroot burger

As for the chips, there were two choices on the menu: regular fries or chilli fries (chips topped with their chilli beef). We ordered both, naturally.

Burger & Shake chips

The chips were hot, mushy on the inside and crispy on the outside. But they were saltless. Now, I’m constantly criticised for adding too much salt to my food, and I would agree that I am guilty of that. (I’m the type of person who adds salt to something before having tried it.) But no salt on chips?! That’s a sin.

Burger & Shake chili chips

The chilli on the chips would have been delicious, but again NO SALT.

All in all, whilst the food looked great, it was all rather bland and flat. Other than the buffalo wings of course, I mustn’t forget those!

Oh, and the shake…I stuck with trust, old Vanilla. It was delicious. Had nothing on the milkshakes from Byron mind you, but it was definitely be best thing on the menu.

Burger & Shake milkshake vanilla

And speaking of menus, you’d think that with a name like Burger & Shake, the place would be all about, well, burgers and milkshakes. But if you go to the menu on their website you’ll see that there are other American marvels, such as hot dogs and mac n’ cheese. And the most bizarre thing of all: not one mention of a milkshake. Which is strange, because unfortunately, the milkshake was the best bit.

Burger rating: 2.5/5

47 Marchmont St
London WC1N 1AP

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