Byron Burger


Whether it’s date night, an outing with the kids or a just a quick bite, Byron is your perfect burger fix. It’s quick, it’s easy and most importantly, it’s delicious. One to whet everyone’s palate from a whiffy Cheese choice, the plain-old Classic or the carb-free Skinny, Byron’s burgers are all served between two cushiony buns and my personal favourite, a giant slice o’ pickle on the side.

Speaking of sides, let’s not to forget a burgers’ best friend. Byron offers a choice of the super skinnies or the thick cut, skin-on chips. If you don’t fancy potato slices, there’s always onion rings, courgette fries and if you’re feeling particularly gluttonous, (which I almost always am), a side of mac n’ cheese. I’d also recommend the questionably named ‘side’ salad iceberg wedge (it’s literally half an iceberg), as the perfect accompaniment.

To top it all off (and if there’s room for it), Byron’s Oreo milkshake is a must. But if you’re headed there on a first date and you plan to do the double-two-straw-sipper, watch out, you may come across uncharacteristically selfish the second that milkshake hits your lips. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Burger rating: 4/5

222 Kensington High St
London W8 7RG

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