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What could be better than the luxury of eating your favourite thing (a gourmet burger), in one of your favourite places (your living room couch)? Well, thanks to Andy Shovel’s Chosen Bun (@ChosenBun ), you can do exactly that. It’s gourmet burger delivery.

I had six friends over one Sunday afternoon and instead of serving up the traditional roast lunch, we opted for burgers. And feeling rather lazy, we wanted them delivered. Luckily for us, we knew exactly where to get them from.

Chosen Bun’s menu is absolutely fun and fantastic. The names of the burgers, fries and sides are wonderful. From your simple ‘Patty’ (plain beef burger) and ‘Slim-Jim’ (chicken choice), to the crunchy chips they’re calling ‘The Belgians’. Each title is clever and witty and explained on the website.  I was already excited.

chosen bun delivery

We tore through the massive delivery bags and to my utter delight, it was all beautifully branded and packaged.

chosen bun burger box

My favourite item had to be the glass jar (yup that’s right, actual glass!) containing the Oreo Moonshake – a.k.a. milkshake. It was absolutely delicious and has certainly given Byron Burger a run for their money. (Read my previous post on Byron here.)

chosen bun milkshake

I ordered a couple of burgers to taste: The Shoveman (beef patty, caramelised red onion & garlic chutney, lettuce, cheddar cheese, Shoveman sauce, smoked streaky bacon and Nicks pickles) and Slim-Jim Chicken (lime and coriander marinated chicken breast, garlic and avocado mayo, sliced mozzarella and chilli jam.)  So, let’s start with The Shoveman.

chosen bun burger

The Shoveman was deliciously smoky thanks to the crispy bacon and succulently sweet thanks to the caramelised red onion. Whilst it was tasty, I thought it lacked any real punch. It wasn’t oozing from the sides or dripping down my hands.  Unfortunately, Slim-Jim Chicken wasn’t great either. The mixture of lime, coriander and chilli jam worked well, but the chicken itself was incredibly dry.

chosen bun burger top

All the burgers are stamped with the Chosen Bun ‘C’ which, upon opening the box, I thought was a great touch. However, since eating it, I read that burger printing is actually incredibly unhygienic, comparing it to criminal finger printing but greasier! Check out my Twitter post about it here.)

chosen bun mac and cheese

As for the sides we ordered plenty! ‘Mark and Cheese Bites’ (fried mac and cheese balls in panko breadcrumbs) were the perfect amount of creaminess, crispiness and indulgence! However, by the time we got to them, they were only luke warm. And if I’m totally honest, all of the food was. By the time it arrived and we’d faffed around unpacking and plating up, it had all cooled down. But hey, I guess that’s always the downfall of delivery.

chosen bun ball

The Belgians, were thick, triple-cooked and topped with rosemary salt. They weren’t my favourite type of chip – they were thick, crunchy and rock hard, but they seemed to work for other members of the party.

chosen bun chips

And just to make sure we didn’t miss anything off the menu, we ordered the ‘Onyeung Rings’ – panko breadcrum coated onion rings. They were very, very cripsy, but also very, very cold. And just to add insult to injury, we were shocked to find a piece of twisted metal wire mixed in with the food. Ouch. Luckily for us, no one was hurt.

chosen bun wire

So, after an excellent idea, branding, packaging and Oreo milkshake, it turned somewhat downhill towards dry burgers, warm sides, hard, thick-cut chips and wires. Oh well, at least the glass jar lends itself very well as my new candle holder!

chosen bun candle

Burger rating: 2/5

647 Fulham road
London, SW6 5PU

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