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honest burger outside

I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to get to Brixton Village. And even longer to get to Honest Burgers. I love Brixton Village, it’s a food-lovers Heaven. And Honest Burgers? Well, here we go.

When we arrived, there was a queue to get into the queue. But we didn’t mind. I stuck my name and number down on the list and went to a nearby bar for some pre-burger drinks. I then got a text message from Theo, the chap at Honest Burgers’ door, confirming our place in the queue with a link to an app counting down. Once we were near the top, he sent me another text to let me know to get back.  Now, I’m not new to technology, but I was surprised and touched at how they had adopted it. Already I was impressed.

honest burger queue                 honest burger queue 2                             honest burger queue 3

We took our seats at the window bar (an excellent people watch spot) and eyed up the menu.

honest burger menu

It was an easy choice. We split the Honest Burgers: ginger pig dry aged beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce…


and the Special: beef, monterey jack cheese, chorizo and spring onion rosti (yup, you read that correctly), chipotle hot sauce, lime and coriander mayo, tomato and lettuce…

honest burger burger 1

with an order of their house chips (salted with rosemary) and their beetroot and apple coleslaw.

honest burger cold slaw

Let me start with the Special. It was, well, very special. The chorizo and onion rosti was absolutely insane. It was totally unexpected and worked extremely well with the melted jack cheese. The chipotle hot sauces with lime and coriander mayo gave it a Mexican kick. It was delicious.

honest burger 4 honest burger 5

And now for the Honest Burger itself. The beef was gorgeous and the cheese softly melted into the meat with smokey hints from the bacon. The relish and lettuce kept it sloppy yet fresh. It was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

honest burger burger 3

And the chips! Salted and doused in rosemary. Crispy and crunchy, just yum.

honest burger chips

And to top it all off, it was totally affordable. I never normally comment on price in my posts, but this one needed a special mention. £9. Nine pounds sterling for one of the best burgers I’ve had in London. Honestly.

honest burger empty plate

Burger Rating: 5/5

Honest Burgers
Unit 12, Brixton Village
London SW9 8PR


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