The Builders Arms

The Builders Arms in Chelsea is a hidden gem. It’s tucked away from the bustle of Kings Road and offers something quaint and cosy. During the winter they have a roaring fire with sofas, newspapers and boardgames, as well as a bar and restaurant area.  And to top it all off, they have a killer burger.

builders arms burger 2

The Geromimo cheese burger (with bacon as an added extra), is served between a brichoe bun, with a dill pickle and hand cut chips on the side.  It arrive on a thick, dark wooden board with a steak knife rammed through the middle of it, seemingly holding it all together. It smelt divine.

builders arms patty

On close inspection, I could actually see the juices running down the meat and the cheese literally melting in front of my eyes. I wish I’d taken a video! (I’ve made a mental note to do so for next time.)

The blend of cheese and smokey bacon worked in perfect harmony with the freshness of the tomato and lettuce. The meat, too, was of good quality. The only slight annoyance was that they hadn’t asked me how I’d like it cooked (I always go for medium-rare) and they brought it pretty darn rare.

builders arms meat

This wasn’t a major problem (it was hardly dripping blood!), but it was a little too pink for my taste. Having said that, I finished it off with no problem at all. I just wished they’d asked.

builders arms burger plate

The chips were good, despite them being so thickly cut, however the presentation could have been more well thought out. Instead of stuffing the limited number of chips into a small basket or container so that it looked as though the fries were overflowing, they laid them out on a large white plate making it look sparse and stingy.

Nevertheless, the burger was big, juicy, drippy and delicious. So it ticked all the right boxes in my book.

Burger rating: 4/5

3 Britten St
London SW3 3TY


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