The Jam Tree


Wanting to relish this unusually hot summer we’ve been having in London lately, I researched places close to where I live with an outdoor garden and of course, food.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Jam Tree, a place that I’d passed a number of times but never actually ventured inside, had a charming, wooden-decked garden. What’s more, they have a charcoal BBQ grill in the corner. Winning!

After a couple of beers, the grill’s meaty aromas hit us instantly and we grabbed the waiter and asked for the BBQ menu. We shared a burger and fries and treated ourselves to some truffle and Parmesan popcorn.


The burger itself was succulent, juicy and cooked to my taste, despite them not asking how I’d like it when taking my order. The cheese was beautifully melted from the centre and dripped over the edges of the meat. They’d also added a substantial amount of lettuce, something that’s usually no more than a leaf or two, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It added a freshness that I don’t usually feel when tucking into a sizeable hunk of meat.


The only real disappointment was the bun. Bun’s are, more often than not, a second-thought. I think people tend to forget that they’re 50% of the burger eating experience! Unfortunately, this was the half that let it down. It was too, how can I put this? Too ‘bready’. The top bun in particular, was so thick, every mouthful was more bread than burger.

The chips though, were excellent. Thin, golden and salty. Check, check, check.


Aside: now for the gross part. And I left this to the end once we’ve had all the food out of the way.

The decking in the garden was split across two levels. Unfortunately, we were sat at a table on the lower level, right next to the upper deck. This meant that my face was eye-level with people’s feet and I was constantly greeted by unclean and unkempt toes. I already have an aversion to feet, (I think we’d all do better if we were built on wheels!); but chomping on my burger with a side of cracked heel ruined my meal and was, quite frankly, pretty disgusting.

Having said all that, the burger rating below reflects the burger only (and not the lack of pedicures in SW6).

Burger rating: 3/5

 541 Kings Road
London SW6 2EB

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