The Marketplace Restaurant @ Chelsea Farmer’s Market


The Marketplace Restaurant is the place that everyone automatically calls Chelsea Famers Market. I don’t think anyone knows what the restaurant is actually called – I had to Google it to find out. So now we know, it’s called The Marketplace Restaurant.

Despite its being full of too much hair gel and one too many pairs of suede driving shoes, I like going to The Marketplace. It’s great when the weather in London is good, with its large outdoor courtyard, picnic tables, endless bottles of rosé and music you’d typically hear at Panormos beach. When the sun is out, so are those who live in the area, so be warned, by 1pm on a weekend, the queue goes down the street and unless you’ve booked, they’ve got a one in, one out policy.

And the food is good. Well, except the burger.


It’s big, but boring. The meat was over-cooked and therefore dry. There was no relish and no sauce, other than ketchup, to give it that succulent saturated flavouring that all the best burgers in my burger world need.


The sesame bun was extremely plain and one of those most likely pulled for a pack of thousands. It was all just incredibly bland.

Having said all that, the fries were delicious. So good in fact, I ordered an extra bowl. The chips were hot and chunky. And my top tips for eating thick cut chips is to dip them in dijon mustard. It gives it that extra kick.

So perhaps The Marketplace isn’t the best place in London for a burger, but it’s fun for sitting outdoors with friends. And after enough bottles of rosé and the sun on your face, you’ll start thinking you’re in Mykonos.

Burger rating: 2/5

Chelsea Farmers Market
125 Sydney Street
London SW3 6NR

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