The Riding House Café

I love The Riding House Café.

I stumbled upon it accidentally once for brunch and was pleasantly blown away by their mimosas and fluffy pancakes. And it wasn’t just the breakie I liked, it was the general vibe and decor too. So I was excited to be invited back to try their dinner menu.

First off, their cocktails rock. I had already downed two Tommy’s margaritas before I’d even looked at the menu.

riding house cafe cocktails

I had, of course, been invited to taste the burger. But it wasn’t just any burger. It was their ‘Longhorn Beef & Bone Marrow Burger’.

28-day aged Mont Grace Longhorn fore rib chuck, truffled liver parfait, smoked cheddar, tomato relish, onion marmalade and mayo. Wow, what a mouthful to say and an even better one to taste!

[Please note that the pictures barely do the food justice. It was dark and I only had my iPhone.]

riding house cafe burger

Arriving on a chopping board, fully equipped with fries and onion rings, the burger was oozing from its sides. The relish and cheddar sat perfectly on top of the liver parfait and onion marmalade that were literally intertwined. The beef itself was super tender and tasty.

riding house cafe burger 2

The bone marrow! Wow, what a hit. The marrow was actually mixed in with the burger meat so you got a subtle hint of it with every bit. Not too overwhelming, it was in fact, just right. Every bite was followed immediately with a groan or a ‘oh wow that’s so good’.

riding house cafe burger inside

The bun was a nice thick cut, and despite it looking rather top heavy, it balanced out the size of the burger and its filling. It stayed strong despite all the juiciness inside and didn’t crumble. Well done bun!

riding house cafe  chips fries

The chips were absolutely delicious – crispy yet squidgey, drowning in salt and pipping hot.

riding house cafe onion rings

The onion rings, too, were yummy (so I’m told). I’m not a huge onion ring fan, so I took the word of the three very happy diners I was with.

riding house cafe plate

Despite the burger being mammoth in size, I managed to finish the whole lot. It was touch and go for a while, but I pulled through.

Be warned: The Longhorn Beef & Bone Marrow Burger is not for the fainthearted.

Burger rating: 5/5

43-51 Great Titchfield St
London W1W 7PQ

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