Tommi’s Burger Joint

Ever since October 19 2013, when I read the Notice of Application for a New Premises Licence by Tommi’s Burger Joint taped on the window of a closed down pizzeria on Kings Road, I have been pining, like a child does for Christmas Day, for Tommi’s to open.

It does sound surprising that someone with a burger blog never ventured to Marylebone to experience the Icelandic entrepreneur, Tomas Tómasson’s triumph into London’s burger world, but what can I say? I’m full of surprises.

tommi's burger joint

Split across two floors, Tommi’s Burger Joint is the epitome of a typical American diner (despite Tómasson being Nordic). Its slap-dash style of cardboard cuttings and chalkboards, coloured twinkle lights and posters taped to the wall, are all parts of its magic and charm.

However, unless the basement is busy, I’d imaging that some of that magic is lost. So instead of being the first to sit downstairs, we grabbed a table on the ground floor.

tommi's burger joint seating kings road

The concept is very simple: they’ll make your basic burger, and you add the rest. The menu is not extensive. They offer a plain burger, cheeseburger, veggie burger, steak burger and steak burger with cheese.

The extras too are kept to a minimum: bacon, cheese, fries and bernaise or cocktail sauce. And all burgers come with lettuce and tomato. Simple, easy and effective. No fuss, no muss.

tommi's burger joint sauces

Whilst you’re waiting for the burgers to be flipped on their charcoal grill, you’re invited to approach the Sauce Station. Every possible flavouring you could think of (that would go well with a burger at least!), they have it.

Once ready, they deliver your burger to you wrapped in grease-proof paper in a basket next to your fries.

tommi's burger joint burger

Unwrapping it actually felt like Christmas day.

tommi's burger joint burger and chips

Although cooked quickly, it certainly isn’t fast food. The patty, although small, is very succulent and cooked well (all orders come medium unless you ask otherwise).

tommi's burger joint burger toppings

I quickly opened her up and added my choice of insides: pickles, jalopenos, ketchup, mustard and hot sauce. I then closed her, and took a massive bite.

tommi's burger joint burger patty 

Super scrumptious. But then again, it would be, because I had a hand in making it.

The burger was fist-sized, I could have easily had two, but the chips were piled high and incredibly moreish!

To top it all off, I indulged in their vanilla milkshake. Incredibly creamy and thick. Delish.

 tommi's burger joint milkshake

Tommi’s is a great place for a grab n’ go style burger. It’s certainly not the best in London (it’s tiny and is served with that plastic American cheese) but it is good. I would  recommend it and would definitely go back for more.

See you again Tommi!

Burger rating: 3/5

Tommi’s Burger Joint
342 Kings Road, SW3 5UR

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