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I’ve not been to a burger place like this one before and it’s safe to say I’d definitely go again. A lot.

The two main reasons being that 1) the burger is delicious and 2) you can have up to a hundred different combinations of burger.  Allow me to explain…

You get to choose your patty: beef, turkey, lamb, elk, bison, quinoa veggie, black bean, panko crusted chicken and more.

You get to choose your bun: brioche, multi-grain, icebery lettuce wrap, tapicoa rice bun and more.

Your veggies: raw red onions, tomatoes, sweet apple grilled onions, fried egg (not sure how that’s a vegetable but ok), roasted peppers and, guess what, more!

Your cheese, your bacon, your sauce, you name it, all of them at least five different options and all as tasty as the next.

So you can imagine my jubilation when I saw the menu, that was almost instantly followed by confusion and fear of ordering the wrong combination. So I asked our helpful waiter, Bret, to guide me in the right direction. This is what I ended up with:

Wild boar on a

brioche bun with

garlic dill pickle chips, hass avocado, topped with

pepperjack cheese and the

smokehouse sauce.

I mean, woah. I’m not even sure I understood what all of that was. But it didn’t matter. It was awesome!

bareburger burger

The boar was of high quality and organic (not that I’m particularly fussy about all that stuff) and was incredibly tender and juicy. The smokehouse sauce was subtly sour, which was beautifully balanced by the sweetness of the brioche. The hass avocado was neatly chopped and placed inside the bun, alongside the pickle chips.

bareburger burger 3

It was so over-whelming. I’ve never had a combination like that before (as you’ll see from my previous posts). My only complaint was that it was too small – I could have eaten it all over again. But maybe that’s just me being a pig. No sorry, that’s definitely me being a pig.

The chips were delicious too. Nicely presented with the skin on. And the ketchup and mustard were delivered in the cutest bear-shaped containers. Get it? Bear = bare = Bareburger. Doh!

bareburger chips          bareburger condiments

It was all washed down with a tasty pint of all american beer.

bareburger beer

Overall an awesome experience and a clever one too. I now have to return to build a different burger. Next time, I’m ordering the elk!

Burger rating: 4/5

535 Laguardia Pl.
(between Bleecker St & 3rd St)


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