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Five Guys is my guilty pleasure. It’s like a dirty little secret.

I first heard about it when I was working out of our New York office and my colleague comes in after lunch with a XXL-sized drinks cup and straw. Being a UK tourist, I am obsessed with the American super-sizes and thought, I need to go there to have the ultimate American experience.! So the next day, my colleagues took me to Five Guys.


Five Guys is your typical New York fast food chain: offensive brightly-coloured (or colored, if you’re American) tiling and staff in hair nets yelling ‘Order 45…..Order 47…..’ I loved it. The menu is extremely simple, you get what you order, and better still, you get a choice of 15 free toppings. That’s right, FREE.

What’s more, there are large vats of free peanuts that keep your tummy happy until your order is ready.


Carrying the burger back to the office in the brown paper bag, I immediately saw the grease marks seeping through. And even though the burger had also somewhat cooled down by the time I’d unwrapped it 10 minutes later at my desk, there’s no denying that the burger is tasty. Hardly the healthiest of burgers I’ve ever had, but it was exactly what I’d wanted from my Five Guys experience: a chargrilled pattie, soft bun with drippy relish. And free peanuts of course.

Like other New York phenomena (see my post on Shake Shack), Five Guys  recently opened (July 2014) in Convent Garden in London, UK. I’m sure the British are going to welcome this joint with mouths wide open!

Burger rating 3.5/5


Five Guy’s website

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  1. Just tried the Five Guys in the UK, and it is seriously amazing, or amaze balls as they would say in the US. Juicy, tasty, right size, salty fries…….. and all their toppings are free! Highly recommended!

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