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soho park burger

The Soho Park burger couldn’t have come at a better time, in a better place, with better people. It was a sweltering 33 degrees Celsius/91.4 Fahrenheit in New York City when my colleague and I headed out to meet an old friend for lunch. There was burger and there was beer.

soho park burger beer

I liked the whole set up: wait in line, order your meal, pick up your drink and wait for your food. ┬áNo fuss, no muss. I went for the Classic Park Cheese – your standard cheeseburger. It came and went in under thirty minutes.

soho park burger lettuce

The burger arrived in a metal basket surrounded in paper, and it was covered in lettuce shavings. It was quite amusing to see so much salad spilling out of your burger, but I didn’t mind, I love lettuce! I took a sizable bite out of it and was thrilled to see that not only had they overdone they salad leaves, they’d stuffed it full of pickles. Can you guess? I love pickles.

soho park patty burger

As you can probably tell from the picture, the burger itself was actually quite small. The meat was good, but the bun was essentially stuffed full of veg rather than anything else. The cheese was, I’m sure, from a plastic packet.

soho park chips fries

We also ordered a side of chips which were, unlike the burgers, massive. One big bucket was too much for three big eaters. They were soft, a little soggy and served on a pitchfork, but I liked it!

soho park fries

All in all, not the best burger I’ve had in New York, but if I’m ever craving a bun full of pickles, I now know where to go!

Burger rating: 3/5

62 Prince St
New York, NY 10012

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