The Burger Joint @ Le Parker Meridien Hotel


Ok so this picture doesn’t do the burger any justice, so please forgive my inexcusable iPhone snap and read on…

Every time I tell people that I’m going to New York, they ask ‘have you been to The Burger Joint at the Meridien Hotel?’ NO! I’d say, but it’s on my list! Well, now I can say that I have. The whole concept of The Burger Joint is incredibly bizarre yet definitely adds to it’s excitement and charm.

Walking into the grand lobby of The Parker Meridien hotel on W 56th Street, I’m thinking, there’s no way I’m in the right place. As I get ready to turn around and walk straight back out, I spot a neatly formed queue, penned in by some VIP red rope, against a large handing cloth wall that hides one corners of the marble-floored lobby.


As I wait in-line, I see the bold neon burger up ahead pointing me in the direction of some insatiable smells. Whilst I wait, I pick up an English paper menu (they have menus in French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese) and start ticking the boxes of what I want on my burger:

Cheese? Yes please.

Pickle? Of course.

Mustard? Hell yes.

Tomato? Er, no thanks.

Already I like this place. The queue shuffles forward and I reach a door-way which is where I thought I’d place my order, but was pleasantly surprised to see that it lead to a small, low-lit, diner-esque kitchen with small tables and booths that seated no more than 25 people at a time. After placing my order at the bar, I grabbed a table and waiting to hear my name being called out. “Arianna?” Bingo!

Just holding the burger in the greaseproof wrap, I can feel the weight of it’s goodness, despite it’s mediocre size. It was positively mouth-watering. The meat was well cooked, the bun perfectly squishy and able to soak up the dripping juices. It was top notch. Accompanied with a beer (instead of fries), it is the most scrumptious tasting thing I’ve ever found in a hotel lobby. Fact.

Burger rating: 4/5


The Burger Joint’s website

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